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Hi I'm David McCarthy,


Over 40 years ago, my career began as a Pharmacist, in 1989 I opened the first western pharmacies in Tbilisi and Moscow.  Then I ran a successful chain of Pharmacies in the UK.

My life and direction changed the day my young son was given a terminal diagnosis, Pharmacy had no answers, the medical profession couldn't help...


I turned to nature and rediscovered my spiritual roots.

I continued on my spiritual path, developing healing, psychic and mediumship abilities and went on to study and then teach the ancient philosophy and natural way of life that is Macrobiotics around the globe.

Now my work is as an Energy Healer and Guide, transforming negative energy from darkness to light and improving the lives of those who seek me out.

"If not one of the best in the country, David is one of the best in the world"

Hi I'm Nicola McCarthy,

I discovered in my twenties that I was Psychic and a Medium, receiving messages from people that had passed away and channelling ancient wisdom for clients during healing sessions.

The holistic and natural world was beckoning and everything in my world was beginning to make sense.

I was though struggling with health challenges and it was in April 2001 when I met David on a spiritual workshop, he introduced me to the healing power of food and my healing journey began.

We were destined to meet, to be together, learn together and share our healing with others.

My work now is as a messenger, channelling high vibrational energies, light language, angels, masters and star beings.  I work as a healer, assisting people to release emotions and to move into their hearts, so we can all raise the vibration of humantity on this journey of ascension.

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